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Data warehouse

Blog October 07, 2016

How to make sure that the whole organization benefits from data warehouse

Some time ago in a seminar our customer spoke about extensive information management renewal project that they had gone through in the organization. One of the goals of that project was to extend the usage of the data warehouse and its benefits in the organization. The customer introduced some best practices how they have enhanced the usage of the warehouse:

Real-time and reliable data utilization in customer communication

Nowadays the requirements for information management solutions extend from internal usage to organizations end-customers. The real-time and reliable data is very valuable for people who work at customer interface closely with the customers. The refined data can be used when creating unite customer experiences and serving customers better, for instance in campaign monitoring and targeting.

Data exploitation roles

It is crucial that employees can utilize the data in terms of their own work. If you ask from a controller what information is relevant, you probably get a different answer than asking from a marketing person. To be able to serve organization’s different needs, the information has to be available easily at current time in proper and easily usable form.

User-based development model

The whole renewal project was iterative ongoing process where the end-users had active role. All the improvement actions and development related to data exploitation and data management has been done by keeping in mind the real needs of the actual end-users.

Nominated person for each specific information area

To ensure the high quality of the data, the information wholeness is split into smaller pieces which all have a nominated person in charge. Every person in charge has continuously deep understanding and updated status about their own responsible area.

Nadja Huotari, Marketing Manager, Data & Analytics at Enfo