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Blog February 26, 2016

A few tips for API services

After having listened to and discussed matters with several interesting people at this year's IBM InterConnect, I am convinced that speed and the potential for innovation within new business models will quickly deliver maximum value.

And this is where API comes in. During the event, IBM announced an entirely new design and an offer called API Connect. This is an extremely interesting solution, with a built-in gateway that can create, safeguard, operate and manage your API services. This new offer from IBM will no doubt be able to help companies and organisations to understand the entire lifecycle for API in detail, as well as to improve the design of services and creativity for overall business architecture. I can see a really fundamental change, and IBM now appears to have taken API tools to another level.

A well-written API can extend certain aspects of the things you do on the web, both relatively simply and with confidence, and it will really work in the way you need it to, i.e. provide rapid business value.

Here at Enfo, we have found API to be a genuinely interesting area, and we are now helping many of our customers with both strategy and advice. A few tips along the way before you invest:

  • Develop a clear strategy
  • Analyse potential business values
  • Be creative and use a number of people from your company in your strategy work.
  • Analyse related business and IT challenges
  • Issues to air: "We are going to open up our data" "We are going to support another mobile platform"

These are issues that our experts can help with in your strategy. Don't hesitate to get in touch, so that we can discuss this exciting area further.

Magnus Strömer,
Sales Manager, Enfo