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Blog February 14, 2017

Integration – never-ending learning

There is a kind of person who loves learning new things, assimilating new knowledge, never standing still. Such people constantly aims to develop themselves. Such people can make good integrators.

An integrator always works at the very heart of the technology and with all its facets. All technology endeavours to develop. And not only that: it concerns and is handled in different ways by the people who use it. A Line of Business system, like for example SAP, appears totally different depending on whether the observer is an accounts assistant or a developer.

An integrator works in an extremely changeable world. This also means that an integrator must learn about different technologies. The integrator also has to learn to communicate about the technology in ways that are appropriate for different recipients. Json to XML, machine to human, human to human.

For me personally, the interesting thing about integration has always lain in the constant learning it involves. Not feeling that you are a little behind but seeing the opportunity to learn something new. Chasing down information on the Internet or seeking it from experts is far more interesting than writing the script that updates the database or the web service that can receive the data.

Through working with integration I know a little about a great deal. I am far from being as good as the experts but I know enough to be able to understand their needs and I can create a whole that functions well. I often know more about web development than a person who knows about mainframe computers and vice versa. That makes me an integrator between machines and humans.

In my opinion, you can be a good integrator if you have an innate will to constantly develop and be committed to your work. If you are a good integrator you will enjoy working alongside other committed, like-minded integrators at Enfo. If you are looking for committed integrators, you will find them at Enfo.

Mikael Sand, Solution Architect Integration, Enfo