Case April 04, 2018

An exceptional kind of partnership

For many companies, being autonomous, flexible and able to take rapid action while simultaneously being able to benefit from the advantages of a large-scale business may sound like utopia. However, imagine a form of corporate collaboration where companies can cooperate, exploit their combined size, and at the same time work individually and close to their own operations.

Today, the initial cost of many IT projects is very high, at least for a local car dealer. The cost of replacing infrastructure may well seem insurmountable. At the same time, the world is changing fast, digitalisation is washing over the world and companies need to keep up if they are going to survive. Competition for clients is razor-sharp and car dealers need to maximise the customer’s experience of owning a car if they are going to win this game.

Together with five local car dealers, Enfo has found a solution to this challenge. The companies have formed a partnership that is something quite exceptional. It was started in 2013 and since then, more and more car dealers have jumped on board. By joining forces and working together on strategy, planning and the purchasing of IT services, they have been able to force prices down, share development costs, identify synergies, and also share experiences and lessons learned. The companies are nevertheless free to leave the partnership whenever they like; they own their own infrastructure and thereby retain their freedom. New infrastructure, a new active directory and a new SCCM environment are just a few of the projects that have been carried out since the collaboration was initiated.

”Together we are stronger! We have joint responsibility for 1,600-1,700 users and that gives us purchasing power that we could never have achieved as individual buyers.” Daniel Schwartz, IT manager, Brandt Bil.

However, the partnership is not completely free from conditions. High demands are placed on the participants in the form of physical and virtual meetings which are held at least once a month. Everyone needs to do their bit and be active, share their experiences and strive together towards a common future.

”There is much more to this partnership than simply economic advantages. Being able to share experiences and challenges with like-minded people is worth at least as much”. Daniel Schwartz, IT manager, Brandt Bil.

Enfo’s task is to drive the partnership forwards. Challenge, point out opportunities and promote proactiveness.


”Digitalisation creates opportunities that used to be pure utopia. It is our obligation as an IT partner to guide our customers through this labyrinth of possibilities and highlight the initiatives that generate additional business value.” Jerker Lund, Enfo.

“With Enfo, we have gained a stable, modern and specially adapted customer environment and we have been able to automate several tasks. Time has been freed up for other things. Being able to have informative discussions with Enfo has enabled us to keep up with the fast pace of development and not fall behind. Their knowledge and expertise means they are able to help us establish simple and effective solutions.” Mikael Gustafsson, Borås Bil, IT manager.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this concept is that it can be applied to other sectors and players. There are few disadvantages but many advantages. If any party is not happy with the partnership, they are free to leave.