Integration services in the centre of VR’s partner ecosystem

VR is a service operator with dozens of different service providers in their ecosystem. Realtime information flow in different service chains is a requirement for efficient business. To enhance information transfer and service development VR together with Enfo has developed an integration platform that expands according to business needs.

Enfo stands out with their overall service and service competence. Even with restricted schedules we have been able to realize new integrations. 

Markus Niskanen, VR 

- Our service chains are vast ecosystems made up from dozens of services from different services providers. We have put into action 65 integrations with Enfo. Now the information between parties is transferred in real-time. Each involved party now has a better view on the overall situation and needed actions can be coordinated very efficiently, describes Markus Niskanen, Systems Architect and Integration Team Lead at VR.

Integration platform to support business changes

Modern business is digital and in constant transformation. In order to meet these challenges better than before, Enfo’s and VR’s cooperation was started with renewing the whole of VR’s devices. In the same time they launched a project where integrations were moved from their old environment and modernized to meet the ever growing demands.

- Before our partnership with Enfo we managed the IBM DataPower integration platform ourselves. We had to take care of all the contacts as well as developing the platform. Now that the platform management and the interface management and development are in Enfo’s hands, we have one contact point for all matters and a partner who understands our business and wants to be part of our service development, continues Niskanen.

There is also now a project in place to help application development with Enfo by using API Management service.

- Enabling application development in a managed and secure manner is an opportunity towards the future. Services like API Management are not used very widely in Finland yet. The central idea is to make new service and earning models possible by opening interfaces to more and more partners, explains Janne Nieminen, Senior Consultant at Enfo.  

It’s all about agility and scalability

These days no one can accurately predict what service development will look like in the future. This is why agility and scalability are in the centre of all technology development. Rami Virta, Accout Director at Enfo, formulates the idea as follows:

- Nowadays the value of an integration service provider like Enfo is measured mostly how well we can create an environment where no development project is too small or too big. Like VR, many companies possess business critical information in a digital form and it must be managed through an integration platform in all possible situations.   

VR has been happy with Enfo’s working method and service level.  

- Enfo stands out with their overall service and service competence. Even with restricted schedules we have been able to realize new integrations. Running the whole operation has been a success – and what’s most important, all the integrations work as they should, praises Niskanen. 

VR Group is wholly owned by the Finnish State. VR Group operates mainly in Finland but it has business operations also abroad, in particular in Russia and Sweden. The Group has around 9,000 highly skilled employees and has a turnover of 1367.2 million euros. VR Group's main mission is to provide its customers high-quality and environmentally friendly travel and logistics services. Infrastructure engineering responds to customer requirements with services which cover the entire life cycle of the project. www.vrgoup.fi

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