International Etteplan scales its services alongside Enfo 

Enfo has worked alongside the growing Etteplan since 2005. Etteplan values Enfo’s ability to scale basic IT services in line with growth and its readiness to assist its employees in their native language in IT-related issues.

Enfo is a strong partner that supports us in developing automation and integration solutions, as well as taking care of the basic IT issues.  

Marko Mälkiä, CIO at Etteplan

“Our objective is to grow at an annual rate of around 15%. We are an expert company in the design sector for which growth in turnover is almost directly related to the number of experts needed and therefore to IT system end-users. Without our partnership with Enfo, scaling services based on our needs would be challenging, as would providing the same service level uninterruptedly all over the world,” says Etteplan’s Director, Corporate IT Marko Mälkiä.

Speed is the key to integration

Some of Etteplan’s growth is enabled by corporate acquisitions. The aim is to integrate the experts from acquired companies with Etteplan as soon as possible.

“It is critical to us that new employees have immediate access to the Intranet, for example, and that their email is fully functional from the very first day with us. We do not want to lose even a fragment of email history data. Enfo has handled these situations in an exemplary manner, with no regard for the time spent,” Mälkiä continues.

Over their years of cooperation, Enfo and Etteplan have developed clear practices for the rapid adoption of the basic IT functions of acquisitions.

In Finnish in Finland and in Swedish in Sweden

Etteplan has a staff of around 2,500 people, about 76% of whom directly use the basic IT services – such as email and Service Desk – provided by Enfo. According to Mälkiä, a key requirement set by Etteplan’s business operations is the availability of IT services in the user’s native language.

“Most of our employees speak Finnish or Swedish as their native language. Through its Nordic service concept, Enfo directly provides these users with services in their native languages. In other countries, a local IT team provides the primary service with the support of Enfo. This is how we keep our promise in all countries in which we have staff.”

As part of the Nordic service concept, Enfo offers customers fully available services in Finland and Sweden.

“Service management functions well and the customer experience is good because we have Service Managers in both countries. The overall service is developed in close cooperation between the two countries in question,” says Enfo’s Account Director Rami Virta

Etteplan is delighted with Enfo’s work. 

“Enfo’s employees are highly committed to their work and very knowledgeable. This comes across in annual satisfaction surveys, in which our employees always award top marks for basic IT. Enfo is a strong partner that supports us in developing automation and integration solutions, as well as taking excellent care of the basic IT issues,” Mälkiä concludes.

Marko Malkia 

Marko Mälkiä’s three tips for those considering the outsourcing of basic IT

1. An international and growing company is always on the move. Maintaining full service readiness can be difficult with only the company’s own resources. A good partner guarantees service availability.
2. Outsourcing is beneficial only in those areas in which you have a clear understanding of what you need. It is easy to work with a partner when everyone understands the direction in which you are going and agrees with it.
3. Ask yourself whether you can recruit the best talent or a sufficient number of experts? If not, you should consider outsourcing the service to a party whose core business covers basic IT solutions.

The benefits of outsourcing basic IT

  • IT services and systems are scalable in line with the company’s growth
  • Fully developed processes enable the rapid integration of employees of acquired companies with the ICT systems of the buyer.
  • The necessary work is done around the clock
  • The best expertise is always available for the task in hand
  • No fragments of e.g. email history data are lost
  • Growing companies do not need to spend time on issues such as managing basic solutions
  • The Nordic service concept ensures full service availability and common service development in Finland and Sweden

Etteplan is a specialist in industrial equipment engineering and technical documentation solutions and services. Etteplan’s engineering expertise and service products cover the entire life cycle of the client’s products. In 2015, Etteplan had turnover of EUR 141,1 million. The company currently has almost 2,100 experts in Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, China, Germany and the United States.