Outsourcing a business critical service is a possibility: Million travels per day, top level customer satisfaction

The HSL Travel Card system registers one million travels per day and the customer satisfaction of public transport passengers is high. Service breaks add up to only a few minutes per year. Enfo is responsible for managing and developing the system in close cooperation with HSL’s organization and good partners – ensuring this kind of unique service experience.

It is a unique outcome that as our traveler flow has increased, so has our customer satisfaction - and our overall costs have decreased.

Risto Vaattovaara, HSL

- The Travel Card systems has been up for 15 years now. Its turnover is 50 % of our 600 million annual budget. Enfo has been the chief architect for the system from the very beginning and in 2005 we also moved the system management and development to Enfo. A 12 people team was then set up and a part of HSL’s own team was outsourced to Enfo, says Risto Vaattovaara, Team Manager responsible for the Travel Card system at HSL, about the cooperation with Enfo.

Enfo is responsible for all the development work related to the service, from application development to system management and operations. During the over two-decade cooperation an extensive system with over 50 different partners has been created covering all the public transport in the Helsinki region. On a daily basis over a million travels take place and the system handles several million transactions. Thanks to a close cooperation the system has top level operational reliability. 

- The service breaks in the system can be counted in minutes for the whole year even though we have had major changes taking place in the system along the way, for example expanding the travel card area to Kerava, Sipoo and Kirkkonummi and renewing all the Travel Cards. This kind of reliability level is totally unique as far as I know, Vaattovaara continues.

Success factors: foreseeing problems and sharing a common goal

The customer satisfaction of the travel card system is high. In the last feedback survey the travelers gave the system a grade of 4,6/5. During its existence the system has not had any serious or large-scale service breaks. Such good results are not a coincidence. Along the years Enfo’s specialists have got to know the needs of public transport travelers, operators and sales locations as well as the core of HSL’s business. 

- When we combine the system data and empirical data we can see smaller glitches before they escalate into bigger problems. Is addition to that, the system has been built in such a way that problems in one part of the system do not paralyze the whole system. That way problems can be located and solved with minimal disturbance. The systems is functional and safe, describes Jaakko Häkli, Service Manager at Enfo.

For HSL the biggest value of the partnership comes from a good flow of things and a common goal.

- The value of the partnership for us comes from things getting done through one contact point. We do not have to wait for cost estimates and manage disconnected projects while trying to develop the system. HSL and Enfo share a common goal: good public transport in the Helsinki region, Vaattovaara concludes.

Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) is a joint local authority whose member municipalities are Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen, Kerava, Kirkkonummi and Sipoo. HSL began its operations in 2010. Some 345 million journeys are made on HSL's transport services annually. HSL’s annual operating income is about €550 million, of which ticket revenue accounted for some 270 million. HSL has 360 employees.

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