Nordic Choice

A fragmented integration landscape with point-to-point integrations and many different technical solutions and formats resulted in that the development within Nordic Choice Hotels could not maintain the desired pace.

The integration was seen as a brake pad for a hotel group which wants to deliver first-class and modern service to its guests.
“We experienced high costs and long delivery chains so we realised that we must take a stronger hold,” says John Folkesson, Integration Architect at Nordic Choice Hotels.
The preference was a standardised and service-based platform in order to strengthen relations with customers and collaboration partners, lower costs of development and operation, reduce time-to-market and make it easier to replace or upgrade solutions.

Future-proof solution

“In order to attain our goals, we needed a new integration platform and we needed to set a new standard for integrations. It should be possible to integrate all future solutions in the platform and its standard,” says Folkesson.
In the evaluation Nordic Choice Hotels compared both suppliers and products. Enfo’s overall offer with implementation, development, administration and responsibility for the entire integration solution was the most attractive.
The integration platform is based on MuleSoft’s integration platform Mule ESB and Anypoint API manager, combined with an integration strategy and processes for development, operation and administration.
“The implementation started in April 2015 and was completed at the start of 2016. Now we will start benefiting from the solution,” says John Folkesson.
He is very satisfied with how the implementation has functioned:
“Enfo has taken great responsibility and I have encountered many people with vast integration expertise who have also influenced us to improve our internal processes.”

App for better service

In order to create a better world with energy, courage and enthusiasm, Nordic Choice wants to use new technology effectively and innovatively.
“We are developing, for example, an app with very high ambitions to improve the service and customer experience and which will assist hotels to deliver to customers in a better manner,” says John Folkesson and summarises:
“Now everything consists of integrated services and the development will only continue. The competition is tough and success depends on how quickly we can deliver to end customers and how quickly we can test new ideas with minor risk – in order to create simpler, smoother and smarter services for our customers.” 

Nordic Choice

“Another issue is how we should handle APIs and open APIs, that is, identifying which data may be interesting for others to develop further. In this context we must ask ourselves what we can make available, how, why and for who?”  

Dignity and expertise

He only sees opportunities and has high expectations for both MuleSoft and Enfo:
“Enfo is our primary partner and we purchase both operation and development, such as, for example, the group project with the app. We also have some remaining ad hoc integrations to deal with in order to connect on the bus.”
“For us, having a partner who has both dignity and vast knowledge and expertise within the integration area feels secure. Of course, the fact that they have a large organisation behind them is also an important element of security,” concludes John Folkesson.

Nordic Choice Hotels AS is one of the leading hotel chains of the Nordic countries with three distinctive hotel chains and a number of independent hotels represented in over a hundred destinations in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The vision is to “with energy, courage and enthusiasm, create a better world.”

Turnover: Over NOK 6.2 billion annually.
Personnel: 13,000