IT partner helps Otava Group to execute the growth strategy

Otava Group is one of Finland's leading media firms. Acquisitions are part of Otava Group's growth strategy, a means of ensuring future success in the changing media sector. The IT function plays a key role in ensuring a successful growth strategy and the integration of acquisitions as part of the Group. Alongside Otava Group's IT function, IT service partner Enfo is participating in a range of roll-out projects, after which it will take charge of continuous IT service management.

Scalability and development important for growth strategy

"Enfo had sub-project responsibilities in the most recent roll-out project, which was a great success. A similar cultural background and a long partnership make for smooth cooperation," says Maarit Laakkonen, CIO at Otava Group and establishes:

“An IT environment must be scalable and in continuous development, and its services need to take account of a range of user groups.”

The long-term partnership with Enfo began back in 2008, when responsibility for running the service desk, workstation management and device life-cycle services was transferred to Enfo. Laakkonen points to the huge progress made in workstation management, lifecycle services and the development within fixed asset management in particular.

Goal to use more cloud services

Otava Group's goal in IT management is to expand the use of various cloud services so that business applications and services work well regardless of location and device type. Otava put its server capacity out to tender in 2014 and chose Enfo to supply these services as well. Enfo's credibility, ability to produce the necessary services and cost efficiency were the deciding factors in this.

Laakkonen explains that placing IT services under a single roof simplifies IT management and reduces Otava's need to coordinate multiple service providers.

"We have focused our services on a single partner in order to simplify service coordination and management. If you use multiple vendors, your work becomes fragmented and you have to become a service integrator. We are now moving towards increasingly being able to outsource the role of integrator to a partner."

Reliable business

In a digitalizing business, the IT function has a dual role: in managing and developing the operational IT environment, and in developing future business processes.

From a business perspective, the IT partner's key task is to ensure operational continuity, which sets specific requirements on the selected partner.

"Enfo has the ability to engage in customer-oriented cooperation. We have reached a level of partnership where Enfo's staff feel like they belong to us. Personally, I feel reassured by the fact that we have a clear vision and goals for partnership development at management level, where agreeing on issues is smooth," comments Maarit Laakkonen.

Otava Group

Otava Group ranks second among graphic communications publishers in Finland. The Group’s principal business areas are Books, Trade, Magazines, and New business functions. In 2014, the Group's net sales totaled EUR 296 million and it employed around 1,100 people.

"We have focused our services on a single partner in order to simplify service coordination and management.”

Maarit Laakkonen, CIO at Otava Group