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Digitalisation as part of business operations

A digital platform solution used in Pohjolan Liikenne’s vehicles will with the help of thousands of recorders, sensors and cameras produce real-time information that will be used for improving safety both during operations and at the depot. Enfo has implemented this unique solution on the basis of the customer’s needs.

Enfo emloyees are competent and innovative. They will gladly take on challenging projects and create new customized solutions that are suitable for customer's needs. Cooperation has been easy, and they quickly understood our needs. 

Antti-Jaakko Alanko, Pohjolan Liikenne

Cameras and recorders have been installed in hundreds of Pohjolan Liikenne’s buses that operate continuously. The devices are managed with the help of an advanced and centralised platform solution. When a vehicle arrives at the depot, video recordings are transmitted automatically with the help of a WLAN connection to a server.

“The primary purpose of the system is to improve safety. Previously, drivers were responsible for checking accidents or reporting incidents, for example. In the worst case, it was our word against the word of someone else in difficult situations. Now, we can check what actually happened at any time using a video recording, and come to conclusions quickly, regardless of the location of the bus. In case of an accident, it is easy for the driver to mark the time of the accident on tape by pressing a button, so that it is easy to find it later on,” says Pohjolan Liikenne’s Technical Manager Antti-Jaakko Alanko, who is responsible for the equipment and technology.

Preventing accidents and vandalism

In addition to monitoring, the prevention of accidents is part of the safety development. With the help of a camera system, the driver is able to monitor areas around doors and the whole bus from several angles.

“The entity that has been customised for Pohjolan Liikenne using Enfo’s platform solution will be extended this summer. From now on, the entity will contain as many as 1,350 cameras and 270 recorders. Besides recording, the system will also include GPS tracking units and door switches, and the coverage/motion detection of cameras, a total of more than 2,500 sensors. The solution is fully scalable, and more elements can be connected to it flexibly as new functionalities are created together with the customer,” says Enfo’s Specialist Aarne Mäkelä.

Comprehensive monitoring makes the driver’s work significantly easier.

“Traditionally, a driver has had to rely on the mirrors of a vehicle in situations when a passenger is leaving the bus, for example. With the help of camera surveillance, the driver can follow the situation on a screen,” Alanko describes.

Correctly timed heating optimises the vehicle’s readiness for departure

As an interesting detail, the recorders in vehicles have been integrated with starting a block heater in a completely new way.

“The system that controls engine heating will check with the server within the same system during the night when the vehicle will depart and start the heating accordingly. The device checks the weather from the interface of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, and the system will know when to activate the heating of the vehicle so that it will be ready for operation at the start of the shift. In the long run this will result in significant savings,” Alanko describes.

Pohjolan Liikenne has been delighted with Enfo’s work.

“We obtained the solution that we wanted. Close cooperation continues as our target is to include similar systems in all of our vehicles,” Alanko concludes. 

Pohjolan Liikenne camera

Antti-Jaakko Alanko 

Antti-Jaakko Alanko’s tips

1. Reserve a sufficient and flexible number of resources for the implementation of major development projects. When reserving resources, take into account that development will continue after the actual project has been completed. It is not possible to take everything into account when planning a scheduled project, but new directions for development will emerge all the time, and that is when resources must be available.

2. The key to success is open discussion within a versatile project team. A project team should be sufficiently comprehensive: commit as many people as possible from end users to creators and ensure that there are enough face-to-face meetings. Various kinds of perspectives improve cooperation and final solutions.

3. You must be familiar with the final operating environment. It is important that the team knows the conditions for which the solutions are being created. This perspective cannot be obtained while sitting at a desk in an office, but it is necessary to actually travel in a vehicle: in our case, this refers to confined spaces in moving vehicles, temperature changes and swaying that must be taken into account.

Benefits of the solutions

Scalability enabled by a platform solution

  • With the help of a centralised platform, additional services can easily and quickly be provided as part of the entity
  • Solutions are scalable and can be used in new, innovative ways: In the case of Pohjolan Liikenne, the system was constructed for cameras, but a new application was found for sensor data in the case of heating the vehicles
  • Savings: by integrating recorders into the block heater system, the correctly timed heating of a vehicle is made possible according to its time of departure and the weather. In winter, lost income due to missed departures will be minimised as the start of a vehicle can be ensured regardless of the weather.

More speed and ease of operation

  • Wireless transmission of recordings will speed up responding to a situation and analysis of this regardless of the location of a vehicle. It is easy to find recordings from a server marked by the driver in the case of disruptions and those requested for the specific point of time of an event.
  • Tools have been created that make the work of a driver easier with which they can monitor doors and accessways in a bus in a comprehensive manner
  • Error notifications on inoperative cameras or recorders can be received easily

Improved safety

  • The number of accidents can be followed better than before: The safety of passengers will improve; thanks to monitoring and automation, cameras that are placed close to doors will reduce the number of accidents.
  • Thanks to camera surveillance, the control of equipment will be improved and reduced vandalism will result in savings

From 1949 Pohjolan Liikenne has transported its customers from one place to another, always in time and in safety. www.pohjolanliikenne.fi