Case November 20, 2018

Postnord Lyssnar

Postnord Lyssnar 2.0 is a Postnord project with focus to bring customer rating data into a search mechanism and consume this data in different ways. The main purpose is to present Postnord managers with KPI data in order to improve certain processes. These data sets are a combination of metrics aggregated in a large Elasticsearch database. The recipient can, efter having received the package, rate the Postnord delivery performance in the Postnord mobile application or via a text message with the possibility to enter feedback, rate (1-3) and then to submit this. Sweden right now receives many thousands of feedbacks every month and so these must be handled and addressed carefully.

The project was a "proof of concept gone live", which was quite easy since it is built on regular managed AWS services. This allows the project to test different aspects of the architecture and bring value to the customer at a fast pace! The timeframe is said to be 2018. During 2018 the main features should be delivered and then go into a state of Change requests, where Postnord act as a product owner and bring change requests forward.

Outcome and Results 

As of now, this project is undergoing a few different stages and changes. PNL is based on Elastic Search and a few AWS specific services to support the data flows and interfaces. Key stakeholders and sponsors within Postnord have communicated the importance of PNL and the value it brings to the organization. It is of high importance that the managing Team for PNL keep the project going and that the changes needed get implemented in a timely fashion. The goal is to be able to facilitate datasets for different consumers, B2B, B2C and also internally for Quality Control and maintenance. One key and perhaps the most important stakeholder is Customer Service where the data provided will be able to improve resolution times and quality improvement. It is also within the pipeline to use ML and AI to automatically answer and resolve issues. The AWS services used provide that opportunity.