Case January 19, 2017

Efficient operations through Self-service Business Intelligence

Self-service Business Intelligence refers to the fast and efficient delivery of information to all relevant parties within a company. It is important to understand that each user role has different information needs. Self-service makes reporting faster and easier, leaving more time for exploring the future of business operations, rather than documenting the past. The key to self-service business operations is an effective and reliable reporting system

About Salomaa

Salomaa Yhtiöt Oy is a family business based in Finland, which invests in and provides services for innovative and dynamic companies with a high level of expertise. Today, Salomaa Group consists of SEK, Dagmar, Voitto, KASKI Agency, Evidens and Quru. The group is owned by the Salomaa family.

case salomaa 

the initial situation

Organisations often find themselves in a situation where their data and analytics reporting is in order, but delivering data internally is a challenge. Marketing communications and consulting company Salomaa Group was also facing these challenges, and decided to develop its processes by democratising its data. Salomaa Group’s centralised financial administration services provide services for the eight companies in the group, which makes the collation of data laborious and time-consuming. The data is scattered across various systems and reporting requires a great deal of manual work.

The solution: self-service business intelligence

To reduce the amount of manual work related to reporting and make real-time information more accessible, Salomaa decided to conduct a survey of the potential technologies and partners. Salomaa opted for the Microsoft SQL Server, a solution which combines the exploration, visualisation and presentation tools Power View and PowerPivot, with the systems already used in the group. The decision was influenced by the existing Microsoft environment and in-house Microsoft expertise. In addition, it was offered at a very competitive price. Business information management, or self-service business intelligence, and data democratisation are about improving the availability and efficient utilisation of information. The goal is to lower the threshold for sharing information within an organisation.

Enfo Rongo, which had previously worked with the Salomaa Group media agency Dagmar, was selected as a partner for this project on the basis of a recommendation. The project began with data modelling, with the aim of achieving a shared understanding of the current systems.

The benefit

The challenges of reporting are being met through databank and data democratisation. For example, in financial administration, data democratisation is used to shift to a forward-looking perspective. When we no longer need to spend time reporting figures, the company can focus on planning and developing its business. We also understood that by providing information extensively to operators within and outside the organisation, we have improved our situational awareness and can steer our operations in the desired direction using indicators/score cards. Employees combine various kinds of data and, at best, use it to develop their activities and decision-making.