Case Savon Voima: The value of integration revealed with digital service development

Electricity production and distribution is a business where information logistics from one partner in the service chain to another and to end-users is critical. From 2010 Savon Voima has developed its service capabilities with Enfo’s integration services. In the process a valuable service concept has come to life, focusing not on the technology but on a smooth business operation.

Information management is not about technology but business competence. Enfo is a good partner for us because they ask the right questions about information management from a business point of view.

Markku Rissanen, Savon Voima

- We have over 120 000 electricity transfer sites and 25 000 kilometers of electricity network and we operate with a large number of partners on a daily basis. At every stage we need realtime and proficient information flow. So far we have done dozens of integrations with Enfo. Now information flows smoothly to each and all of the parties in the service chain, says Markku Rissanen, Development and IT Manager at Savon Voima.

Goal: maximum data utilization

Savon Voima and Enfo have built the current service concept in pieces. The driving force has been chances in the market.

- The information we use has gradually dispersed to various places. This would have caused manual data transfer for many operations and complicated using current solutions as a basis for new ones. We wanted to have an overall solution that is well managed and where we own all the information and not the different system providers, Rissanen describes. 

When this challenge was recognized in 2010 the way forward was to implement an integration model as a cloud service among the first ones in Finland.

- Savon Voima has not had to invest in expensive licences or devices, thanks to a well thought out overall plan. Enfo takes care of developing and maintaining the infrastructure. That is why Savon Voima has been able to concentrate on the essential which is developing new service models, says Janne Nieminen, Integration Architect at Enfo. 

Savon Voima

Integration service is the neural net of digitalisation

An integrator does not compete with system providers but acts as a joining force between them, understanding the purpose and business value of each system and the information coming from it. Enfo has a strong competence on energy companies which enables it to understand the cornerstones of energy business. 

- Integration service is service with a capital S. The integration service from Enfo is more of a service concept and not just a “technology concept”. Enfo is a good partner for us because they ask the right questions about information management from a business point of view: where the information comes from, where it moves around, what should be done to it. Before there was a gap between different system providers and the responsibilities were unclear. Now we have a single neural pathway administrator, Rissanen describes Enfo’s role.

The value integration service has produced to business is not just smooth information flow. It also enables Savon Voima to create new services.

- What we value the most about the integrations is the possibility to increase our own service capability. Nowadays our consumer customers can easily watch their electricity consumption online. Without Enfo’s expertise it would have been a lot more complicated to build such a service capacity. We will continue creating digital service chains together with Enfo, Rissanen concludes.  

In addition to the parent company, the Savon Voima Group includes Savon Voima Verkko Oy, which provides network services, and Savon Voima Salkunhallinta Oy specialised in providing investment services in the energy sector. The Group’s business areas are electricity distribution, electricity sales, provision of portfolio management services, electricity generation and district heating. With its net sales of approx. EUR 188 million, the company is one of the largest sellers of energy services in Finland. The Group employs about 175 professionals in the field, in addition to which we employ about 300 persons through our partners in co-operation.