Savon Voima camera surveillance


IoT in practice at Savon Voima: Centralized camera surveillance boosts the efficiency of a production plant while securing its operations

With unified and reliable camera surveillance system built by Enfo for the Savon Voima power company, access control to heating plants and hydroelectric power plants and fuel delivery scheduling are now handled easily and cost-effectively despite the long distances. Camera surveillance is an excellent example of a practical IoT solution that produces genuine business advantage for Savon Voima.


Maija Henell, Savon Voima

“The earlier surveillance cameras at the production plants were procured individually or obtained through plant acquisitions, which meant a diverse hardware pool and difficult maintenance of the system. Some plants were entirely lacking the camera surveillance or had only a local system,” explains Maija Henell, who is in charge of the district heat and electricity production business at Savon Voima plc.

With Enfo’s centralized camera surveillance system, Savon Voima can boost the efficiency of its business in all plants located across the province of Savo. The camera surveillance solution is part of the remote monitoring of the production system, enabling much more cost-efficient operations than before and providing smooth and easy access control.

“We are saving on mileage because no one needs to be onsite to receive a shipment or let a person in through the gate. For us, it was important to enable also our partners to access the system so that the fuel vendors have real-time information of the fuel inventory status and can design the deliveries accordingly. With camera surveillance, the delivery schedule can be optimized, eliminating downtime from fuel outages,” Henell says.

Remote monitoring secures personnel and property

Security was one of the key factors for Savon Voima when procuring the surveillance camera system. Camera surveillance has improved occupational safety, and even the property is better secured with remote monitoring.

“People at power plants work in a demanding environment, often completely alone. With remote surveillance, we can ensure that the work is done safely. The surveillance system is connected to the access control system, allowing the control room to make sure the right person is trying to get in before we open the gates,” Henell says.

With uninterrupted recording, Enfo’s camera system helps Savon Voima develop also the long-term safety of their operations, as it is possible to revisit any anomalies that may occur at the plants.

Uninterrupted camera surveillance is key to smooth business

“Camera surveillance enables a higher level of quality and service reliability to the customers of Savon Voima. Because we can see production anomalies in time, the consumer can count on the production being arranged with optimal efficiency. Enfo’s solution guarantees that the camera monitoring system works faultlessly, allowing us to focus on our core business,” comments Maija Henell the partnership with Enfo.

For Enfo and Savon Voima, smooth collaboration means not only fast reaction to day-to-day situations but also long-term process and automation development.
“The everyday IoT solutions we develop together make Savon Voima’s business more smooth and reliable. We react to any faults quickly, and the customer can rely on the system working under any conditions,” says Sirkka Kakko, Key Account Manager at Enfo.

Maija Henell’s tips for building a working camera surveillance system:

1. Specify your requirements thoroughly in the first stage so that both parties have an understanding of the goals. For example, it was material to use that the system be available online and that we can assign access rights to external fuel vendors, as well.

2. It is a good idea to run a pilot based on the specifications. This way we can eliminate any pitfalls before expanding the concept company-wide.

3. Working communication between the client and the service provider is key to achieving the desired quality level.

Advantages of the system and partnership:

  • Comprehensive service: Savon Voima can concentrate on its core business with the partner managing the camera surveillance system.
  • The entire group’s shared system streamlines processes and makes maintenance easier.
  • Automation and remote monitoring improve the efficiency at unmanned and remote plants.
  • Occupational safety improves with real-time site situation available.
  • With real-time inventory view, the fuel vendor can optimize the delivery schedule, enabling uninterrupted production.
  • The buildings are more secure, as the remote control room has real-time information on who is accessing the plants.
  • Hazards and faults that compromise production are noticed on time, eliminating potential loss of production.
Savon Voima

In addition to the parent company, the Savon Voima Group includes Savon Voima Verkko Oy, which provides network services, and Savon Voima Salkunhallinta Oy specialised in providing investment services in the energy sector. The Group’s business areas are electricity distribution, electricity sales, provision of portfolio management services, electricity generation and district heating. With its net sales of approx. EUR 188 million, the company is one of the largest sellers of energy services in Finland. The Group employs about 175 professionals in the field, in addition to which we employ about 300 persons through our partners in co-operation.