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Swegon looks to reduce energy consumption at data centres worldwide

These days data centres are among the world’s biggest energy monsters, and they are continuing to increase their energy consumption. Swegon, which works in the field of indoor climate, takes the global climate very seriously. This can be seen throughout the group, from group management down to product communication. With the aim to create a good indoor climate and at the same time reduce energy consumption in the world, Swegon is now focusing on the data centre industry.

An important step towards strengthening its environmental profile for the data centre market was to become certified in recognised best practice: EU Code of Conduct Data Centre Energy Efficiency.

“The market began to demand EU CoC DCEE compliance. At that point we realised the potential and strengths of becoming certified according to EU CoC DCEE”

Roberto Söderhäll, Data Centre Professional - Data Centre Solutions at Swegon

Smooth certification with Enfo’s help

Swegon asked Enfo, experts in security and data centres, to help it through the certification process. The project was led by Enfo, with Swegon supplying knowledge about the company and other relevant information. Enfo produced the application and dealt with all communication with the EU. The original plan was to gain approval in summer 2016, but thanks largely to good customer cooperation and a well-written application, things moved considerably faster. The certification project took two months from the start-up meeting to obtaining certification in April, and Roberto says that Swegon is very satisfied with both the process and the result:  

“Enfo’s project management worked really well. It was a smooth project with a high-quality delivery, and we had an enjoyable and rewarding exchange with Enfo. We are completely satisfied.” 

Having this certification is a stamp of quality indicating that Swegon works according to best practice in the industry when it comes to energy efficiency for data centres. This argument is now frequently used in communications with the market. It is hoped that in the long term this certification will lead to increased confidence in Swegon as a knowledgeable and capable player when it comes to delivering modern and energy-efficient solutions for climate control of data centres. Roberto points to the overall objective and says:

“We hope that work linked to this certification will ultimately lead to more and more data centres reducing their current excessively large CO2 footprint.”

About Swegon:

Swegon AB is part of the Latour group, which is listed on the Swedish stock exchange. It is the market leader within energy-efficient ventilation and indoor climate systems. Swegon works actively on issues concerning quality, the environment, work environment and codes of conduct, in accordance with Latour’s intentions in respect of sustainable entrepreneurship, and has the mission statement “We create the world’s best indoor climate for people and the environment”. Swegon has 11 production units in Sweden, Finland, Italy, India, North America and Belgium. The company has 1,850 employees and a turnover of around SEK 3.5 billion.


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