Case Technopolis: liiketoimintayksiköiden tiedonkulku viritettiin huippuunsa Enfon avulla


The flow of information between Technopolis’ business units was supercharged with the help of Enfo

Thanks to Technopolis’ new financial planning and reporting solution, the business units now have a real-time view of the budget and realization reports. The business units are delighted that information now flows more quickly and visibility of the figures has improved dramatically. The wide-ranging entity was implemented with Enfo to a tight schedule, with agile deployments one piece at a time while remaining within the estimated workloads.

“An agile, transparent, and easy-to-maintain system were important features for us when we were deciding on a new solution. We were also looking for flexibility, as the solution is required to adapt to the changing needs of our business,” says Jouko Peltonen, System Manager at Technopolis, describing one of the targets set for the solution.

Spreadsheet forecasts consigned to history – following the path towards better information flow and decision-making

Thanks to the new solutions implemented with Enfo, the business units can see the actual figures and the budget for themselves in real time and they can update and drill down to transaction-specific data within the realized figures.

“It is like we have taken budgeting down to the grassroots level in the business units. This has made it faster and more efficient to prepare budgets. Accuracy has also improved,” says Peltonen.
Thanks to the development work, there is more transparency and the flow of information is faster than before. Reports must be available to the people who need them as easily as possible to ensure that up-to-date information is available to everybody who needs it.

“The new forecasting model has made forecasting easier and faster, and manually updating spreadsheets is now a thing of the past. Up-to-date and transparent information will also improve the quality of decision-making,” says Peltonen, describing the outcomes of the project.

A high-quality project, executed in record time

Peltonen is satisfied with the commencement of collaboration: “We began collaborating in an agile fashion with the renewal of the budgeting system, a process that took two months. We started work in mid-May. In the summer, we had a four-week holiday as normal and, by September, we were able to prepare the first budget on the new system.”

“At the beginning of the year, we transitioned fluidly onto developing reporting and a financial forecasting model. We were able to keep to the tight schedule and workload estimates because we were involved in developing both the design and the reporting. Some of the same consultants worked on both of the entities,” says Satu Pitkänen, who worked as Enfo’s Project Manager on this project.

The new solutions will be long-lasting and are in line with the overall architecture

Technopolis is satisfied with the new technology choices. Long-term targets have also been taken into consideration, as the present choices will support future development and are well aligned with the overall architecture.

“When we were selecting tools, it was important to us that they will develop and stand the test of time. New features are constantly being added to Anaplan and Power BI, and investments are made in development. This is our way of ensuring that the solutions will still be up-to-date a few years down the line,” Peltonen says.

Technopolis was impressed by the strong knowledge and experience of Enfo’s team with the selected technologies. Peltonen says that the key to successful collaboration was mutual commitment.
“When work is done in close collaboration, it is important to get on well with the team members. Enfo’s experts are professionals who are easy to approach. From the very start, Enfo’s personnel knew what to do and quickly understood our requirements and our business,” says Peltonen.

Collaboration remains strong

The new solutions are easy to maintain, but collaboration with Enfo will continue.

“We have so few resources internally that purchasing maintenance from a third party is the best solution for us. In addition, working with consultants also keeps us up to date with the development of the systems, and helps us to learn new best practices,” says Peltonen.

Enfo also provides Technopolis with basic information technology services as well as service desk services, which were already in use at Technopolis. The renewal of planning and reporting has expanded horizons.

“This project has shown me a whole new side to Enfo’s expertise. I used to think of Enfo as a service desk, but now I consider it a comprehensive service provider,” says Peltonen.

Jouko’s tips for people embarking on a similar project:

  • Ensure that you and your internal team are committed, and make sure that your partner is committed.
  • Be open to the idea of doing things in new ways.
  • Do thorough ground work and planning.
  • Take it one piece at a time: do tests from time to time and if it does not work, change it straight away.
  • Make sure that you regularly have days when the whole team is in the same place. Make the most of the fast pace of these days: plan together, get things done, experiment, and make changes if necessary.


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