Case February 14, 2017


Veikkaus went through a comprehensive information management reform project aimed at creating a centralised information model that would enable Veikkaus to control all data and undertake further development. Objectives of the reform included increasing customer understanding and constructing a better, more consistent customer experience.

initial situation 

Due to a silo effect, information management at Veikkaus had been scattered to various systems controlled by only a few people. A traditional data bank served reporting and analytics, and there was a separate system for the analysis of customer data that took 2-3 days to produce information. Loading information was complicated, and the quality and reliability of information were not up to the requirements of a modern organisation.

At the launch of the reform in 2014, the following goals were set for the new system:

Up-to-date, reliable information, available almost in real-time

  • Accessibility of the system 24/7
  • Cost-efficient scalability
  • Adaptable to changing needs in business operations.
  • Access to all significant information:
  • Structured data, e.g. sales, gross margin, customers
  • Semi-structured data, e.g. web browsing data
  • Unstructured data, e.g. customer service messages, images

The first stage included architecture specifications and data modelling. Veikkaus required a modern information management solution with a genuine focus on business operations. The selected solution platform was a combination of Big Data technologies (Hadoop & Kafka) and modern ETL and EDW platforms that can generate an almost real-time data flow for end users and be used in processes.

The year-long implementation stage was launched in early 2015. Although this was an extensive project, it executed by using agile project methods. The project was divided into smaller elements and carried out in two-week development cycles or sprints. The maintenance phase started in early 2016, and Enfo consultants played a key role. This sizable project was completed successfully, and Enfo consultants were praised by Harri Räsänen, ICT architect at Veikkaus:Cooperation with Enfo consultants went well throughout the project. The professional consultants were flexible when required, and the quality of their work was excellent. Through transparent operations, Enfo earned our trust”.

Lauri Niemi acted as the product owner of business operations in this project and he expressed special thanks to Enfo for data modelling expertise that largely formed the base of the project. ”Thanks to the clear data model, we have a good idea of the sources and formation of our data. Enfo played a crucial role in data modelling”. 

the benefit

  • The project provided a comprehensive information management platform
  • A better and more consistent customer experience: Veikkaus is now able to target relevant communication to customers and even monitor the behaviour of individual players almost in real-time
  • Real-time optimisation and monitoring of campaigns. Those responsible for products in business operations are able to monitor campaigns related to their products.
  • Data on players’ behaviour and gaming events is collated continuously
  • Data required in finance from various sources can now be generated in a uniform manner
  • Data utilisation roles: Veikkaus staff are able to utilise information within the scope of their work
  •  We are able to support the data needs of a personifiable web store  

Veikkaus is undergoing considerable changes with Veikkaus, RAY, and Fintoto merging into a single gaming company. The plan is to combine the data from RAY, Fintoto, and Veikkaus into the data model and system created in this project. 

The project was implemented by Enfo Rongo, the current Enfo Data & Analytics competence centre in Finland.