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Business Intelligence (BI) in the Digital Dimension is about making better decisions. However, creating effective BI demands a holistic view of your organization. With Enfo’s services for BI Strategy and Performance Management, you can use BI as a powerful tool to realize a corporate strategy and achieve competitive advantages.

For value-adding business intelligence, it’s important to keep in mind three perspectives for developing, using and managing BI: technology/data, strategy and organization/culture.

Providing reliable data is a basic prerequisite for your BI platform. This lets your company focus on insights instead of getting tied down in discussions over whose figures are correct. But while your data should be consistent, you need technology that offers the possibility of different interfaces for different types of users. Your employees’ access to information should be adaptable to their unique roles.

With reliable data, BI can offer your company a powerful tool to realize a strategy by revealing the behavioral patterns that contribute to the results you want for your business. Put simply, effective BI measures what’s important for your company and helps you do it properly.

Integrating your BI approach into the organization and culture of your company can actually influence the actions of your employees to produce positive results. This means translating your strategy into measurable goals that you can simply and smoothly communicate to every member of your organization. By making BI part of your culture, you turn strategy into reality

Enfo’s experience can help you see the full potential of BI. Not sure how to invest resources for your company’s BI journey? Enfo’s BI Staircase™ and BI Roadmap provide a basis for discussion when making your choices. Enfo offers you support that takes into account all three perspectives ‒ strategy, organization and culture, and technology and data ‒ to develop a solution tailored to your needs and in line with your organization’s vision, strategy and goals.

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