Big data transforms you into a digital winner

Big Data

Data is the essential ingredient of the Digital Dimension. Those who have the ability to use data for innovation as well as for insight, will be the winners in the race for business excellence.

Staying ahead of competition on a global scale requires the ability to process large volumes of diverse data and information to achieve the greatest possible benefit for your business. The increasing amounts of data can lead to stressful information overload but it also provides an opportunity to find solutions to complex questions that used to be impossible to answer. Enfo has the experience and knowledge to be your partner on the Big Data journey. Our solutions will enable you to use all available information to gain new insights, ranging from understanding the performance of production and logistics processes to knowing your customers better than ever before, and even to predict their behavior. 

There are three main questions to ask when considering Big Data for your company or organization. Is your data volume extremely large? Do you need the ability to analyze data quickly to discover trends in near real time? Are you processing both structured and unstructured data to assess complex relationships? If volume, speed and complexity are all factors for your organization, Enfo has what it takes to be your Big Data partner.

Via our Big Data solutions we enable you to analyze data that can be used to explain events in your business. This can include everything from a user’s online activity, weather information, data from individual production machinery or what was said in a customer service call before a purchase. Services such as Enfo 360 give you a holistic view of your customers by combining information from sources such as internal CRM systems, external news flows, invoicing, social media and customer satisfaction surveys. We are also able to use sensor information (a key component in the Internet of Things) to identify conditions for process improvements as well as enable totally new business opportunities. 

Enfo’s services seamlessly integrate Big Data solutions with your current information management and present the information in relevant ways throughout your organization. Simplifying and optimizing existing operations enables your organization to improve product or service development, daily operations and customer service.

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EXPLORE what we know and do


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