Concept Design and visual prototype support decision-making

Concept Design and visual prototype

Visualize your concept. Visualization includes much more than just graphic design – in this process, we dig deep into functionality, interaction design and brand identity.

The user experience design process starts with extensive research, which includes continuous testing and evaluations. Based on the research, we create scenarios to address challenges and meet the users’ needs and goals. Content structure, layout and interaction pattern are sketched in a blueprint known as a “wireframe,” and then transformed into a visual prototype of the service or application.

Throughout the development cycle, user experience goals help to pinpoint and keep the focus on what’s important. The objective is to deliver a look, feel and experience that will form the basis for further decision making.

The Concept Design and Visual Prototype is the third step in our Digital Dimension | LABS methodology. This methodology helps you focus on what’s important to get things done quickly. Based on the Visual Prototype, we can kick-start your digital product development journey using our 10-week-prototype approach. In only 10 weeks, you are able to launch, share and get feedback on your future digital products.

EXPLORE what we know and do
EXPLORE what we know and do


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