Creating Value All The Way with Business Intelligence

Creating Value All The Way to Business Intelligence

Enfo wants to be a strategic partner on your journey to better decisions. Effective business intelligence for improved decision-making gives your business added value in the competitive global market. With expertise in a number of competence areas for Business Intelligence (BI), analytics and planning, we can take your company “All the Way to Value™.”

BI Seminar

BI is about making better decisions, not building technical solutions. You can view BI as a tool for executing strategies and business plans, which offers a clearer understanding of what “better decisions” actually means.

Enfo’s BI Seminar provides your company with a packaged workshop that aims to educate and inspire in the field of BI. You receive explanations of how effective BI can actually influence your employees’ behavior and the three perspectives for developing your solution: Strategy, Organization/Culture and Technology/Data. The ultimate goal of the BI Seminar is to give you a functional list of identifiable measures to enable your company to get the most value out of your BI investment. The BI Staircase™ provides a practical model for the concepts presented in the seminar.

BI Pre-study

Having completed hundreds of BI projects, we know the importance of identifying target groups and needs before we start any technical development.

The BI Roadmap is there to support you in the identification and prioritization of your BI needs and to create a long-term plan for your BI development.

A BI Needs Analysis may take on different forms, depending on the scope and focus area selected, but the purpose is always to acquire more in-depth knowledge of your needs. It may be a matter of evaluating the conditions for a data warehouse. It can also involve an analysis of BI needs within a specific area and the production of better supporting data ahead of an investment decision.

BI Projects

Creating value-adding business intelligence demands a project and delivery model that’s specifically designed for BI. Enfo’s consultants have extensive experience with BI projects and a proven methodology to take you through the process from beginning to end.

The first step in developing your solution requires your input in the form of a needs analysis and documented user cases. With an iterative, workshop-based methodology, your company is involved in the process from the initial phase until the BI solution has been approved. To ensure your project is cost-effective, Enfo starts with an existing structure that has the flexibility to tailor the project around your specific needs.

No matter how carefully designed your solution is, it adds no value if it isn’t used. Enfo works with your employees so that target groups receive necessary information and training and can fully benefit from decision-making support.

The agility of Enfo’s project model gives you regular, high-quality deliveries and consistent insight into the project from beginning to end. Previous customers have found great benefit from this method:

"The agile project method used by Enfo made it possible for Enfo’s consultants to work extremely efficiently and gave us fast deliveries of high quality, which is a precondition for Dustin’s continued expansion.” 

Anders Lundsten, Nordic IT Director at Dustin

BI Application Management

Is BI becoming an increasingly business-critical tool for your company? Once a helpful luxury, BI is a necessity for all businesses today, and the need for a reliable and predictable BI platform is more important than ever.

BI Application Management helps your company develop existing BI solutions and add new ones. Enfo offers Application Management at several levels depending on the degree of reliability you’re seeking or your available in-house BI resources. The support is tailored to your needs ‒ from the ability to contact Enfo in connection with incidents to Enfo assuming a proactive, holistic responsibility for your BI platform. A dedicated Application Management service desk consisting of BI experts means you always have guaranteed access to the right competence and high-quality service.

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EXPLORE what we know and do


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