Data Warehouse Audit

Getting a fresh perspective on your existing Analytics solution

Over time, every solution evolve beyond the scope of the initial implementation project. Often, you get used to how it is. Sometimes, you will need a third party to reflect over the solution to get back on track on how it actually should be.

The Data Warehouse Audit is a concept that is tailored to very quickly assess the state of the current Data Warehouse solution. A DW Audit is often used to get a second opinion on your existing Data Warehouse solution. The reason for this could be to get confirmation of that what you are doing is good work, to help identify low-hanging fruits or anomalies that have appeared over time in the continuous application management process. The Data Warehouse Audit is also recommended to be the starting point when re-evaluating a Data Warehouse solution as a starting point for initiating a full modernization project.

We look at solution from a process and technology perspective and compare it to best practices and based on our experience with data warehouse solutions, we arrive at a conclusion that provide you with advice regarding architecture, ETL, information modelling, supporting processes, knowledge gaps, performance and more.   
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EXPLORE what we know and do


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