Data warehouse modernization

Evolving or new business needs, new technology that solves current problems better – all things that call for a Data Warehouse Modernization.

Being aware of that investing in an Analytics solution is actually on-boarding a new business process, the impact of changes over time becomes apparent.

An Analytics solution must be in sync with the changing business needs to bring full value out of the investment. At the core of an Analytics solution lies the Data Warehouse that should serve all analytical and reporting needs. Evolving business processes, acquisitions and mergers all cause the solution to age. Sometimes not as gracefully as one would like.

Changing the make-up (dashboard, reports, analytic tools etc) is a mostly a simple and straightforward task. However, this is not always enough. When the core needs to be fixed, the Enfo Data Warehouse Modernization take on a holistic approach to do just that.

We start with analysing the current and future business needs together with you. Combined with an assessment of the existing Data Warehouse’s platform and status, paired with a deep business understanding and technology knowledge, we bring together the vision of an updated Data Warehouse and the roadmap to get from Now to the Future.

The result will include recommendations based on the identified gap; is small adjustment all that is needed or is it a major platform shift required, eg moving to a cloud based solution?

A Data Warehouse Modernization will put your Analytics solution right where you would like it to be – in sync with the business needs to deliver maximum value for a long time!
EXPLORE what we know and do
EXPLORE what we know and do


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