Hybrid cloud solutions for full security and flexibility

Hybrid Cloud

The benefits of Cloud services, such as flexibility, scalability and accessibility, are obvious. In the Digital Dimension, Cloud solutions are decisive in business development. A Hybrid Cloud solution gives you both needed stability and quick, scalable agility.

Raising margins involves both reducing costs and increasing revenue. In the Digital Dimension, we see more possibilities for both as we approach Two-Speed IT — the robust and reliable, and the fast and agile.

Basically, robust IT infrastructure should just work, always, delivering long-term stability. Traditionally, many companies outsource this service to keep costs down and avoid the daily operation.

To be agile — creating opportunities through digitalization — is indispensable for quickly testing ideas or business models in the short term, without jeopardizing the entire IT infrastructure with systems, integrations, ERP, etc.

Turn cloud complexities into business assets

The Cloud's complexity is in deciding what should be in the local infrastructure, what should be on the provider's servers, what can be placed in the public Cloud and in which public Cloud offering. Enfo's solutions for Hybrid Cloud smoothly handle the entire complexity, and we will guide your organization to the ideal solution.

We guarantee continuity, connectivity, upgrades and security so the Hybrid Cloud solution will be an asset to your business, on your own on-premise platform, in our ISO 27001-certified data centers in Kuopio and Karlskrona, and in the leading public Cloud services.

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EXPLORE what we know and do


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