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In the area of ​​integration, ever since our inception in 2001, we have focused on helping our customers transform business needs into implemented integration solutions quickly, easily and at a low cost.

We have developed a number of tried-and-tested standard projects in which we deliver all or part of our Baseline Integration Toolbox in combination with infrastructure and integration software. Common to all of our projects is that you already know from the start what you get, when you get it and how much it costs.

Our projects and services are designed to support you in your work with integration in the following areas:


In the Analyze phase, we use our popular workshop format to help you create a business case for investing in things like an Integration Platform or an Integration Center.

In the Establish phase, we help you put in place what was decided in the Analyze phase.

In the Transform phase, we help you evolve an existing part of your integration capabilities, for example by migrating your integration platform, or take over functions in preparation for outsourcing. 

In the Build phase, we help you work through demands, through design, build, test and deploy, to provide state-of-the-art integration solutions on the platform(s) of your choice.

In the Run phase we deliver SLA-based Services to manage both your platforms and your integration solutions.

All our standard projects, and every other imaginable integration project for that matter, are delivered by top-notch, passionate teams of seasoned integration experts – developers, architects, mentors, project managers and infrastructure experts.

From Servers To Service

In the fast-moving pace of the digital age, it is hard to keep up with customer demands, new technologies and employees that are born and raised digitally savvy from day one. Business users expect their information to be connected and available at their fingertips. Application integration is assumed without traditional software installation, application management and maintenance.

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Take control of the integration environment with Baseline Integration Portal

When it comes to Integration, you must be careful with the details. To keep track of which systems share what information, what connections are up, be able to answer such questions as "What happened to my invoice?" and quickly find and fix problems, requires control over the integration environment.

Baseline Integration Portal gives you control over the integrations, even in the Digital Dimension's ever-changing landscape. Baseline Integration Portal is a tried and tested service that includes integration solutions and user-friendly tools so that you can manage different connections, understand the integration landscape and track messages. The service is based on years of knowledge and experience and delivers exactly what you need to put you in the driver's seat when it comes to your integration platform.

Baseline Integration Portal can either be operated as a cloud service from our data centers in Sweden or Finland, or locally in your organisation. The benefits of the cloud service are that you never need to think about investing in hardware or software, installations, upgrades or support functions. Everything is included in the fixed monthly cost.




With increasing integration, the need for integration governance is also greater. For many companies, the solution is an Integration Competence Center (ICC). In this workshop, we determine your current situation and desired future in order to create a roadmap for establishing your own ICC.


A reference architecture for your integration domain maps out your needs and helps you choose the appropriate technology to provide the capabilities you need for your organization to function optimally.


Today, new demands are placed on organizations to interact with partners, make information available over new channels and respond to ever changing business needs more rapidly. More and more applications and data reside outside the corporate firewall. Setting up and managing the information flowing in this hybrid world require a new take on integration.Companies and organizations who are looking to Hybrid Integration Platforms(HIP) that span both on premise and cloud integrations to enable faster time to market in the Digitalization Era can be assisted by Enfo HIP Workshop.


With ESB Workshop you will be able to meet up with our experienced Integration Architects.  During the Workshop we will do a deep dive into your day to day integration reality and look at all relevant areas that need to be addressed to make your ESB investment a success.


In the full-day API Workshop your team and our specialists will work through your prioritized agenda, highlighting your current situation with current and future initiatives for your company. Depending on your requirements we discuss the API platforms available. We also create a first version of your API strategy as well as preparing a roadmap for your API's. If applicable we sketch one of your API's according to the API strategy.



With Baseline ICC Establishment, we offer a structured approach to setting up an ICC at a fixed price and within a set deadline.


ESB Start-kit is a fixed price project setting up your Integration Platform, Baseline and Platform training, Proof-of-concept integration on your platform and a next step workshop.



A service designed to support, monitor and manage the key components that are critical to the functionality of your integration platform during its lifecycle.


A service designed to support, monitor and manage your integration solutions, which is critical to the functionality of your integration solutions during their lifecycle.


A lightweight service for those who want to manage their own platform but would like to utilize back-up from our expertize technicians.

White paper


More and more companies and organizations are seeing the strategic importance of having high-performance integration capabilities. Through a systematic effort to perfect processes, working methods and tools, an ICC can contribute to faster time-to-market, lower and more predictable costs, improved data quality and increased operational reliability. This Whitepaper describes a structured approach to setting up an effective ICC.

EXPLORE what we know and do
EXPLORE what we know and do


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