internet of things for powerful user experiences

Internet of Things

In increasing measure, customers are demanding well-functioning, integrated digital services for seamless retail, web and mobile experiences. Apps enable cost savings by making both internal and external processes more effective.

At Enfo, our mission in digital products and services is to craft beautiful yet powerful experiences for our customers' customers. Nordic businesses and organizations partner with Enfo to drive innovations of products, business models and operating models through:

  • Design of beautiful yet powerful web and app experiences
  • Automation of manual activity, that is replacing labor with technology
  • Decision-making based on advanced analytics of big data and social behavior
  • Connectivity with customers, suppliers, colleagues and devices

Enfo offers concept development, design, development and management of digital products and services such as web applications and mobile apps. In addition to digital experiences, we offer deep technical expertise in supporting areas such as data science for advanced analytics, back-end integration and security.

By seeing the opportunities, understanding the problems and confronting the challenges in digital transformation and the Internet of Things, Enfo’s niche experts guide your organization into the Digital Dimension.

EXPLORE what we know and do
EXPLORE what we know and do


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