Application management that captures value

Managed Business Applications

Business-focused software and application development are where you create value. Implementation and daily operations are where you capture that value. In other words, an application's value is based on how well it supports or enables business. To capture that value, you need to experience the application's features and benefits in your daily work via quality implementation and continuous support services.

Applications are part of a complex structure with business processes, end users, servers, networks, databases, middleware, integration, etc. Typically, companies have a functional management of this structure, but no coordination from the business application's point of view.

Changes in your business environment usually necessitate changes in your supporting business applications and their underlying technology and management. To be able to implement application changes quickly and efficiently without compromising security, integrity and availability, you need a well-defined Application Management orchestration in place.

Based on years of expertise in this area, Enfo offers an out-of-the-box management framework for implementation in your application portfolio. The framework covers the governance, development and operations of Application Management, tying together all aspects of the Application Management landscape, from generic responsibilities to the coordination of cross-organizational, multi-provider environments.

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EXPLORE what we know and do


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