Managed workplace to develop your employees' digital capacity 

Managed Workplace

To deliver value in knowledge-based professions, you have to be able to focus. Efficient and modern IT solutions and applications raise job satisfaction and increase productivity, which directly benefits the bottom line.

In an inefficient IT environment, a lot of valuable time is wasted on solving IT-related problems. Time your employees should be using to create business value. Even basic IT services such as e-mail, internal communications and Cloud services are complex and can create confusion if there’s no coordinated plan for what to use, by whom and when.

Creating a modern workplace with digitalized tools and applications, adapted both to employees who are digitally mature and to those who still prefer a more traditional approach, increases productivity and job satisfaction as time is freed to work smarter and better.

With Managed Workplace, Enfo adapts the IT solution to your business needs and requirements. We ensure that licenses are valid, manage users' computers and mobile devices, keep applications updated according to your requests and manage Cloud services. Furthermore, our fast and competent support is always available.

By allowing Enfo to take care of your IT functions, you and your employees can create more business value in the Digital Dimension.

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EXPLORE what we know and do


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