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Process Automation & Self-Service

Introducing digitalized services takes careful preparation, as well as bringing your entire organization in on the development. When everybody is onboard, wheels start turning and the process rolls smoothly, provided you’ve chosen the right platform to create the services.

With a modern platform for digitalization, it’s simple to create relevant services for your organization. Enfo offers a dynamic process automation tool with an intuitive interface to help you realize your goals for streamlining in the Digital Dimension.

During the preparation work, Enfo supports you in your automation planning towards your goals and purpose. We help create the conditions and understanding for what it will take to generate efficiency through digitalization. We look into your organizational structure, existing workflows, strategies and policies, as well as analyze whether security aspects such as the forthcoming EU Information Act will affect your organization and your security policy.

Create services with modern tools

We also help with analysis and setting the requirements for which tools will best help you visualize and offer self-service in existing workflows.

Enfo has developed a powerful tool to make your automated processes available in an attractive and intuitive way, ZervicePoint.

EXPLORE what we know and do
EXPLORE what we know and do


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