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SAP Business solutions

Within our competence areas of Business Intelligence & Analytics, Integration, Cloud, and Process Innovation, we deliver comprehensive SAP solutions provided by our SAP business consulting partner Zuite.

Our partnership with Zuite Business consulting involves fully accessing every opportunity in SAP for your organization and business, both through iteration with respective SAP modules as well as change management and process and information modeling. Zuite’s experiences consultants take a holistic approach to ensure business value, whatever happens in the Digital Dimension right now and in the future.
Zuite’s SAP consultants have specialized in:
- Supply chain management
- Supplier relationship management
- Customer relationship management
- Financials

Enfo’s relationship with Zuite Business Consulting stretches back many years. Partnership started already 2006 as Enfo’s affiliate company. Many of Enfo’s customers use Zuite’s SAP expertise to ensure a future-safe and cost-effective solution and delivery.

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EXPLORE what we know and do
EXPLORE what we know and do


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