Service and Asset Management

Within organisation there are products and services to provide you with your knowledge, coaching and resources in order to manage the processes within your business.


Over 80 different training courses, inte maintenance, quality and technology. Thanks to our broad expertise and high professionalism we can offer specialist resources in all areas of education. The offering is as follows:

  •  More than 80 different courses in maintenance, technology, quality and our digital solutions (IBM Maximo, Efecto etc.)
  •  Role-based, company-tailored, open training courses
  • Three different levels, Insight-knowledge-skill (Difference in time in practical exercises)
  • Tailor training according to your wishes
  • System training courses


All that we can provide training in and use to promote business development we can also offer as a service. This can be:

  • Key roles
  • Leaders
  • Temporary reinforcement


Use our broad network of contacts to provide new specialists and leaders for your organisation.

  • Key persons- leadership
  • Own CV bank
  • Knowledge assessment


We offer the whole of our experience bank; what can we help you with?

  • A natural sounding board
  • Mentorship
  • Based on your needs and requirements

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EXPLORE what we know and do


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